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As most people looking at this page are already aware, I'm the artist in a Power of Three team that is working on a platformer game called Twisty Brothel. The other two people in the group are LokiClock(our musician) and MechanusClock(our programmer). We've each had a great deal of input in this project, though communication with Loki is limited, and we think our final product is going to be both original and entertaining.

Our game follows the story of CannedFruitClock(a character created specifically for the game), a can of pineapple with a clock for a face. His quest to save his tranny girl/boyfriend takes him deeper and deeper into ever more disturbing territory, and he must fight for his survival with only his wits and the razor-sharp edge of his lid.

This is the first concept sketch that I will be posting here. It is of a boss that will be encountered later on in the game(WARNING: AS YOU HAVE DOUBTLESSLY ALREADY GUESSED, THE FOLLOWING IMAGE IS MOST DEFINITELY NSFW). ted-brain/twisty-brothel-concept-art-1

hail SBC

2009-06-16 14:44:09 by dusted-brain

I just can't say it enough!